Do you need a bit of guidance with something you’re going through right now? I’ll design a custom spread of questions based on your specific needs and desires. Receive your reading face to face or over email, whichever you prefer. With the choice of a 3 or 6 card reading, there’s an option for every budget.

Are you ready to connect more deeply with your higher self and be guided by the phases of the moon? I offer journal prompts, a guided meditation, and collective tarot guidance for each new and full moon to help you deepen your understanding of who you are and the life you want to create.

Ready to learn more about witchcraft? Attend a Witchcraft Academy workshop online to learn more about how to incorporate witchcraft and magic into your daily life. Or if you’re in the Glasgow area, attend a sabbat ritual in person at The Loft in Cambuslang. Learn and grow your practice in a supportive and expansive space that allows you to create the witch path that is right for you.

In this 1-hour 1:1 coaching session, we’ll explore an aspect of your life you’d like to change and create a spell to help you take the next step on your journey to expansion. I will hold space for you to explore the places where you feel stuck or limited, I’ll help you distill down your intention, and craft an elemental spell that will help you begin to manifest a life that is in alignment with your highest good.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Intuitive Tarot?

Intuitive tarot is not a psychic prediction or fortune telling. This method uses the metaphors and archetypal energies in the cards to help you consider your situation from a different perspective. It allows us to connect more deeply with our higher selves and intuition and to ask better questions about how to live our lives.

Is Moon Magic Mastermind only for business owners?

Absolutely not. It’s for anyone who wants to bring more focus and intention to their lives. We’ve had stay at home moms, retirees, creative entrepreneurs, and regular working folk. It’s for anyone who wants to bring a bit of accountability to their growth and offer support for the expansion of everyone in the group.

How do I know if I’m ready for coaching?

If you’re committed do doing the work and making a change in your life, then you’re ready. You don’t need to have everything figured out, but you do need to be open to giving things a try.

Manifestation requires action. If you’re just looking for someone to fix your life without you having to take any accountability, then you probably won’t benefit from a coaching experience. If you feel scared, that’s fine. You have to go through fear to get to growth, and I’ll be with you every step of the way. But it is a commitment to yourself, so if you’re ready to grow, I’m ready to guide you.

Do I need to be a witch to work with you?

Nope. I believe that witchcraft is a tool for self-empowerment, and I have a very broad definition of magick, but if those words don’t work for you, we can still work together. As long as you’re willing to work on your mindset and your energy, the rest is just semantics.

Still have questions?

If you’re considering working with me, but you still have questions, I’d love to answer them. I want you to feel confident in your decision to work with me, so ask away. I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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