Witchcraft Academy

Are you looking for a safe space to explore witchcraft and spirituality? Have you been curious about crystals, herbs, spells, and rituals for a while but you don’t really have anyone you can talk to about it? Dig deeper in a supportive space with the Sagittarian Tarot Witchcraft Academy.

Join me from anywhere in the world for online workshops to help you grow your witchcraft or spiritual practice. Whether you’re brand new to your practice or you’re an experienced magical practitioner who wants to connect with other witches, the Witchcraft Academy is a great place to grow.

If you’re in the Glasgow area, you’re invited you to join me for in-person workshops and group rituals at The Loft in Cambuslang.

What’s on

Save the date for these 2023 workshops!

  • April 23rd – Taurus season online workshop | Witchcraft as Self-Care
  • April 29th – Beltane ritual @ The Loft
  • May 21st – Gemini season online workshop | Topic TBD
  • June 24th – Litha ritual @ The Loft
  • June 25th – Cancer season online workshop | Herbal Witchcraft
  • July 23rd – Leo season online workshop | Confidence Magick
  • July 29th – Lughnasadh ritual @ The Loft
  • August 27th – Virgo season online worksho | Topic TBD
  • September 23rd – Mabon ritual @ The Loft
  • September 24th – Libra season online workshop | Topic TBD
  • October 28th – Samhain ritual @ The Loft
  • October 29th – Scorpio season online workshop | Shadow Work
  • November 26th – Sagittarius season online workshop | Topic TBD
  • December 16th – Yule ritual @ The Loft
  • December 27th – Capricorn season online workshop | Topic TBD

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Meet the Teacher

Renee is a kitchen witch, tarot reader, and spiritual coach. She’s the creator of the blog Awesome on 20 Kitchen Magick, the co-host of The How to Be Awesome Podcast, and runs Sagittarian Tarot & Coaching. She’s been a spiritual seeker her whole life, and she’s studied witchcraft since 2019.

As a former educator, Renee is thrilled to bring her knowledge of witchcraft, spirituality, and personal development directly to people who are ready to expand their knowledge and their spiritual awareness.