Wheel of the Year Tarot Reading

Are you looking for guidance on your direction for the year ahead? With the Wheel of the Year Tarot Reading, we’ll explore eight life themes and the energy surrounding them for you. We’ll also pull a central card for the overarching energy for your year ahead to help give you some clarity on the next steps in your adventure.

This 9-card reading is available via email, on Zoom, or in person at Zalem Gift Shop or The Loft. If you’re local to Glasgow and would like a reading in person, please contact me at renee@sagittariantarot.com.

Book your time slot for a face to face reading here:

Book a time ONLY if you want your reading done via ZOOM.

To book an in-person reading at Zalem Gift Shop or The Loft, contact renee@sagittariantarot.com. I will need to confirm room availability with your chosen venue, so just get in touch, and we’ll find a time that suits everyone.

If you prefer to receive your reading by email, you can skip this bit.

Contact me at renee@sagittariantarot.com with any questions or issues.