Weddings & Events

Want to bring some magick to your big day? Whether it’s a wedding, hen party, birthday bash or any other celebration, I can bring my expansive and optimistic Sagittarian energy to help you make your event super high vibe.

As an intuitive tarot guide, I offer readings for self-discovery and empowerment. I use the tarot cards to interpret messages from the Universe about the energy you need to cultivate in order to create a life you love. We all have the power to manifest our soul’s desires, and I’ll use the cards to help you do that.

I can offer group readings as well as individual readings for any guest who’s looking for a little bit of guidance. I’ll work with you to understand your intention and the energy you want to create for your event so that the vibe is just the way you like it.

I can also offer a more intimate witchcraft experience, perfect for hen parties, birthday parties, or other small gatherings. Craft spells, mix potions, and make beautiful magick with your friends. Whether it’s tarot cards, charmed cakes, or magical cocktails you desire, I can help you create a witchy event that will definitely raise the vibration.

Consider hiring me to:

  • Create a night of witchcraft, tarot cards, cocktails, and cake to bring some high vibe magick to y our celebration.
  • Provide tarot guidance for the bridal party while they’re getting their hair and makeup done
  • Offer uplifting readings to your wedding guests during the cocktail hour or between dinner and dancing
  • Read tarot for your guests at a birthday party, anniversary party, or other event

Wherever you want to make magick, I’m here to help. Each event will be customised to suit your unique energy.

Photo by petr sidorov on Unsplash

How to book

If you’re interested in working with me to make your special day more magical, reach out by email at or DM me on Instagram. Or if you’d like to jump straight into a chat, book a discovery call on Zoom.

Rates start at £50 per hour but will vary based on expenses. I’ll create a custom offering for you based on the services you request and any travel or additional expenses.