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  • Moon Magic Mastermind – 6 Months


    Moon Magic Mastermind 6 months includes:

    • 6 new and 6 full moon meetings
    • 12 sets journal prompts
    • Access to online community for six cycles
    • 12 sets of Lunar Tarot Guidance
    • 12 guided meditations
  • Moon Magic Meditation – Full Moon in Aries


    A guided meditation to help you tune into the energy of the current lunation. Each meditation is inspired by the season and the position of the moon, but they can be used at any time to raise your vibration and help you connect to your higher self.

  • Moon Magic Plus


    Join one month of Moon Magic Mastermind plus two one on one intuitive tarot guidance sessions around the first and last quarter moon.

    You’ll receive:

    • New and full moon meeting
    • 2 sets of journal prompts
    • Access to online community for one cycle
    • 2 Lunar Tarot Guidance readings
    • 2 guided meditations
    • 2 6-card intuitive tarot guidance sessions
  • Moon Magic Tarot Guidance – Full Moon in Aries


    A four-card tarot spread for the coming half of the moon cycle. Delivered by email with an intuitive message to give you spiritual direction and insight.

  • Samhain Ritual


    Join me for a group releasing ritual to honor Samhain. Celebrate the witch’s new year with a purifying releasing ritual, allowing you to start the next turn in the wheel of the year feeling fresh and free. We’ll also craft a spell an edible spell for protection to repel any negative energy during the coming season.

  • Spellbound Spiritual Coaching


    Join me for a 1-hour 1:1 magical coaching experience where we’ll dig deep into something you’d like to shift in your life, then set an intention and create a spell to help you initiate the change. You’ll also receive printable instructions for your spell so that you can perform it whenever you’re ready.

  • Wheel of the Year Tarot Reading


    A nine-card tarot reading to help you uncover the energy and direction you could take in the year ahead.