Moon Magic Guidance

Every phase of the moon brings its own energy, but new and full moons mark a turning point, constantly cycling between action and rest, attraction and release, expansion and healing. Moon Magic Guidance can help you bring more clarity and focus to each half of the moon cycle with intuitive messages, tarot guidance, journal prompts, and guided meditations (coming soon). Use them to create your own moon rituals. New guidance is available for every new and full moon, so come back regularly to check out what’s new.

Looking for a bit of general guidance with the new or full moon? Every two weeks, I’ll release an intuitive message and four-card tarot reading via email to help guide you through the coming weeks.

Be sure to leave the correct email with your purchase, and I’ll send your reading the day before the new or full moon.

Lunar Tarot Guidance drops the day before the new or full moon to give you time to contemplate and prepare, but they’re still available for up to three days after.

Ready to go deeper? Work with the energies of each moon with these powerful Moon Magic Journal Prompts.

Just use your favorite pen and journal, or incorporate your favorite tarot cards or other divination tool to deepen your understanding.

Use these questions to reflect on where you are, where you want to be, and what you need to overcome to get there.

Immediate download available.

Bring the magic of the moon into your meditation practice with a guided meditation that channels the energy of each lunation.

The guidance is based on the energetic themes of each new and full moon, but they can be used at any time.

Make them part of your lunar ritual or replay them again and again whenever you’re looking for the optimistic and expansive energy that Sagittarian Tarot is known for.

Immediate download available.

Does all of this guidance sound awesome to you? Buy all three and create a lunar ritual to keep you in touch with your higher self and the energy of the moon.

Combine the meditation and journal prompts to reflect on where you are now and where you’d like to go. Allow the tarot guidance to inform and guide you through the coming weeks.

This bundle helps you to create a sacred space around your deepest desires.

Journal prompts and the meditation will be available for immediate download. You will receive your email with your tarot reading the day before the lunation occurs.