Magekal Mystekal Market

Are you ready for some optimistic and expansive guidance for your self-discovery and empowerment? Come see me for a 3 or 6 card intuitive tarot reading, and we’ll ask the cards how you can make your life more awesome.

Grab your ticket for this beautiful event at The Holiday Inn in East Kilbride on May 5th, 2024. There will be vendors, readers, services and classes throughout the day, as well as food and drink for you to enjoy. I can’t wait to see you there.

You’re welcome to turn up and sign up for a reading, but if you know you want to see me, be sure to save your spot to avoid any queues. Pre-book your reading time below. You’ll also have the option for me to create a custom spread just for you.

I can accept payment after your reading by cash or card. If you prefer to pre-pay online,make your selection below.