Ready to leap into the adventure of your life?

Sagittarian Tarot & Coaching is expansive and empowering guidance to help you find the next right step. If you need help finding the courage and confidence to more forward, I’m here to guide you.


Renee Rendall

I’m a tarot reader and spiritual coach who brings a touch of Sagittarius energy to everything I do. I believe that mindset is magic, and that you absolutely deserve to create the life you deeply desire. I use tarot to help you build the self-belief you need to life your most awesome life. If you’re ready to move from daydreaming to taking real inspired action, then I’m ready to be your guide.

How May I Serve You?

I can’t wait to help you begin crafting the life you’ve always dreamed about. Let’s get started

Intuitive Tarot Guidance

A custom 3 or 6 card tarot spread to help you gain clarity in a specific area and inspire you to take action. Available by email, in person, or via Zoom.

Moon Magic Mastermind

A small group of supportive women seeking empathy and gentle accountability as they work toward their goals. Meets at the new and full moon.

1:1 Sagittarian Coaching

In these 1-hour sessions, we’ll use tarot, intention setting, shadow work, and other spiritual practices to help you make tangible progress on your goals.

Are you ready for your journey?

We’re all on our own hero’s journey, and although it’s down to each of us to do the work, you don’t need to go alone. Every great hero has a mentor, teacher, or guide.

Don’t let fear or stress keep you stuck for one more day. Allow me to hold up a mirror to your inner strength and shine a light on all the gifts you’ve been hiding for too long. You are a powerful being who deserves to be happy. It’s time to make it happen.

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